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Pool Toothpick


Should only be played in a pool with a deep end. Everyone is lined up around the outside of the deep end of the pool. “It” dives to the deepest area of the pool and lets go of a toothpick. “It” surfaces as quickly as possible, and splashes a lot as he/she gets out of the pool and takes place along the edge of the pool with others.

The objective is to be the first one to jump in and grab the toothpick, which will slowly be rising to the surface. The first one to successfully get the toothpick 3 times gets some type of simple prize. Some things that help the game go better:

Yell “TOOTHPICK!” before jumping in.

Let the toothpick get as close to the top as possible because if you jump too early, the water moves before you can reach the toothpick.

Try not to let any part of your body touch the water ahead of your hand/arm as you reach for the toothpick. “Snatching” the toothpick can be quite fun.

If you jump in and miss, you cannot make another attempt at the toothpick until you are out of the water, although you may splash as much as you want on your way out!

Absolutely no diving, pushing, shoving, or pulling someone else in the pool.

Safety Note: Although some contact is inevitable, remind students again to avoid diving on top of each other.

This game may sound a little dangerous, but in 15 years we’ve never had any injuries.

Added by Troy Norling

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Jonathan McKee

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  1. Jacob Newton
    June 28, 2016 at 12:00 am

    I've played this game a ton. I've also used a match instead of a toothpick. Even with a red tip it is still really hard to see. Tons of fun!

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