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Packed Lunch


Here is a great game that we did, and it is perfect for students going back to school. Before the game remind students about how their Mamas used to pack their lunchs for them and they would never know what they would get until they opened the bag at lunch time. Then tell them that you have packed some school lunches for them in honor of those days.

How to Play: Split your kids into two groups and have them form two single-file lines. If you have a large group of students, you can make this an up-front game by selecting two teams of 3-5 students. You will have as many lunch bags as you have students playing. Each lunch bag will contain one piece of food in it. On “go” the first student from each team grabs a lunch bag and eats its contents. The second student must wait until the first has eaten the contents entirely (or until they get sick… use discretion to keep the game going). This goes on until all members of one team have had a turn. The first team to finish wins.
Note to Youth Leader: Make sure to have a garbage can close to the tables because it will get nasty fast. The first team to eat all their bag lunches wins!

Some bag lunch ideas that we used were:
Pickled Onions
Snickers Candy Bars
Peanut Butter (make sure you’re aware of allergies)
Milk (Formula Kind)
Hot Peppers
–Of course, possibilities are limitless, so be creative! Just don’t forget to have a couple of good foods in there too!

Advice, don’t put too much into the bags. This will avoid the audience and contestants from getting bored.

Added by Brandon Swonger

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