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Monster’s Ball Bonanza


Summer time demands at least one thing: access to a swimming pool you can take your kids to! This SWIMMING POOL game is a great one that’s fun to play for your group; just make sure you have at least 4 kids and some beach balls. Here’s how you do it.

Have at least 4 students, but no more than 20 (unless you are in an Olympic size pool). You’re gonna need some beach balls, too. If you have just 4 students, 3 balls will work. Try to maintain a “3 balls” to “4 students” ratio for this game. (For example: 6 students = 4 balls, 8 students = 6 balls, 12 students = 9 balls, 16 students = 12 balls, and 20 students = 15 balls.)

Now, have everyone except one student, called the Monster, go to the same end of the pool. The Monster gets a certain amount of beach balls (depending on how many students are in the pool).

The objective is for the students in the pool to make it to the other end of the pool without getting hit by the balls the Monster is throwing. On “go,” they must swim to the other end of the pool. If they choose to swim underwater, they must surface at least twice. This gives the Monster a fair chance as he/she throws balls at the students.

Once the Monster throws all of the balls, he can’t get them out of the pool until everyone gets to the other end of the pool. When the Monster hits one of the swimmers with a ball, they must get out of the pool and become a Monster in the next round, and help him/her in the next round. Play until there is only one student left in the pool, and that person is the winner.

Idea by Rachel D.


Jonathan McKee

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