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Long Base (A Dodgeball/Kickball Medley)


Divide into 2 teams, one in the ‘field’ and one “at bat.” Two or three students bat at a time by bouncing a dodgeball and hitting it with their hand(s)/arm(s). After hitting the ball, the students attempt to run to the far wall of the gym without being hit. Students in the field may get a batter out by throwing and hitting them with any of the balls that were hit.

If a student makes it to the far wall, he must keep a hand on it to remain safe. To score a run, the student must make it back from the far wall to the original line he batted from(home). Students may remain safe at the far wall as long as they want, and there is no limit to the number of students that can stay safe. They can try to run home at any time except when the new batters are holding the balls.

Added by Dean Butters, Rolling Meadows, IL

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