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Jail Break (Gym Tag)


This game is played in your large room or gym, AND outside the room. The teams are leaders against students. The leaders try to catch the students and put them in ‘prison’. In your gym (or main meeting room) the leaders can catch students by tagging them. Outside the gym, however, the leaders have the option of either tagging or throwing something like a nerf ball or dodgeball. If a student is hit, he must go to jail.

Here’s where it gets tricky: Leaders can ONLY run in the gym. They are free to run as fast as they want anywhere they want in the gym, trying to protect a designated jail in the gym. Outside the leaders are very robot-like. They have to walk AND they can only turn if they touch a wall or come to the edge of a designated boundary/perimeter. Leaders have to strategize and maybe use three leaders to trap one student. Of course, a leader is allowed to run and fetch a ball he/she has thrown, but once the ball is retrieved, must follow the walking-in-a-straight-line rules.

Students go to prison if they are hit with a nerf ball or if they have been tagged. Students can get free only when another student touches the prison. But the instant students are free the leaders tag them again.

Added by Pastor Tim Ritchey

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