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Jail Break 2 (Gym Tag 2)


Teams divide in half. A line divides the gymnasium in half. A judge stands along the line on one wall. 3 pylons or plastic pins are placed in a row, 3 feet out from each of the walls that are parallel to the line dividing the gym in half.

Each team is assigned a side. The object is to steal all the other team’s pins before they steal yours. Players may cross the line into the other team’s zone. However, if tagged they go to jail, located behind the pins inside the other team’s side of the gym. Players who grab a pylon without being touched receive a free walk back to their own side. Players may also attempt to free those imprisoned by tagging the prisoners. None of the prisoners nor the free receive a free walk back. Players may either free a prisoner OR grab a pin, but not both. Any player touched while a part of their body is over the line is out.

Added by Wynn Fenwick

Also see the first version of Jail Break (Click Here), where the game is leaders vs. students!


Jonathan McKee

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