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Indoor Mini-Wiffle Golf


This game requires lots of prep work. You can bank on at least 2 1/2 hours between set up and tear down.

For this game, you need to make a mini-golf course inside your church. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. Both require mounds of junk to make obstacles out of. Get some putters (and have the youth bring theirs for extras); floor hockey sticks work just as well. Also get duct tape and gather junk from the church basement or closet where old useless stuff is tossed; any pack-rat’s garage is a huge asset, or be creative and hit your local thrift or hardware store.

One year we borrowed a dryer hose and used it as a means to get the ball down the stairs. Rolled up carpets, big snow shovels, PVC tubing, Slurpee dome lids – you name it, you can use it (or duct tape it, then use it). Be creative and design your own score sheets.

Be sure you use wiffle balls, because who really wants to repair the damage that a real golf ball will do? You can get holes to putt into from a golf shop. Or you can design and make the holes yourself, enlisting your students and leaders to help out.

Break up your church into about 4-5 zones and assign a team to each zone. You need to have enough kids and leaders for each zone, about 5-6 per zone. Each team is responsible for making 3-4 holes for their zone using the junk that you’ve already pulled out for them to use. Give them a time limit and then proceed to have them golf their own course! Have prizes ready for highest scores and best holes, etc.

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