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Designate a “lock-up” area of the room. Take a Polaroid (instant) snapshot of each student as soon as they walk through the doors. Give them a Nerf slingshot or Nerf gun (you can use flags- like capture the flag, sock tags- socks filled with flour, or a balloon tied to the ankle- when popped you’re out).

When you’re ready to begin, give every student a picture of someone else. At that point, the picture they have is the person that they need to hunt and “lock up” (you can have an area to take “tagged people” or you can just have them sit down where they were tagged).

The idea is that every person has someone to hunt while they also are being hunted.

In addition, if you shoot the person you were assigned to, you get that person’s picture and keep playing until you shoot everyone or someone shoots and locks you up.

Added by Matt Warner

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Jonathan McKee

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  1. Jonsey
    January 21, 2016 at 12:00 am

    What happens when you shoot the person who has your name?

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