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Grocery Bag Yoga


MAIN POINT: This could tie into a discussion using the point, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew or you’ll lose your balance!” (Balancing priorities, etc.)

Take a paper grocery bag and set it in the middle of the floor with the kids all around it in a circle. The object is for each youth to try and pick it up by their teeth while standing on one leg and NOT touching the floor with your hands. (If you touch the floor or fall, you’re out!) Once they do it, they tear off the piece that was in their mouth….then the next youth goes.

Obviously, after so many students go, the bag gets shorter and shorter. Eventually, they realize that they can tear a big piece or small piece! The bag ends up getting so short, kids lose their balance and fall. For that reason, this is best played on soft grass or carpet.

Added by Rachel Harris, NC


Jonathan McKee

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