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Get Dressed


This is a great game for the start of a pool party. It works a lot like an up-front game with a large group, or everyone can play if it is a smaller group.

My friend and I started this game one day when we had our clothes on over our bathing suits and went in the pool. We have been playing it ever since.

The more players the more fun, but the game will work fine with just 2 people.
Each person needs a shirt, pants, socks, and whatever other clothing you would like to use.

Have all of the players line up, in the pool at one end. Have someone else who is not playing take all of the players’ clothes and bring them to the other end of the pool. Have that person get the clothes wet until they sink to the bottom, and then mix up all the clothes and put them in a pile at the bottom of the pool. That person now gets out of the pool or out of the way of the racers and becomes the judge.

The Game:
When the judge says “Get Dressed” the players must race to the other side of the pool, find their shirt in the pile and put it on, then race to the other side. Once they touch the edge they turn around, race back, then find and put on their pants, then race back to the other side. Next, come the socks and so on. In essence, the order doesn’t really matter.

Note: Shorts are easier so for a twist use jeans or long pants because they are quite difficult to get on. The first person back to where they started and all dressed wins!

Twist: After we do that my friend and I also like to do it the opposite way where you have to swim to the edge take off the clothing then swim back touch the edge and back to take off another piece of clothing.

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