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More Fear Factor


Outdoor or Indoor. More Fear Factor! Have good prizes to motivate the contestants – they’ll need it! (We used gift cards from popular restaurants, hang-out spots, and movie theaters.)

Set up approx. 10 stations of the contest in increasing stages of scariness or grossness.

Free Fall: Contestant stands on a raised platform and falls backward into arms of catchers. (eeeaasssy)

The proof is in the pudding: Contestants dig sardines out of chocolate pudding with their toes. Use a time limit for elimination. (kinda gross)

Pickled-Pigs-Feet poker: Make several of each of the following playing cards: 0, 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2 (i.e. 3 0’s, 6 1/4’S, 3 1/2’s, 3 1’s, and 2 2’s). Have the players sit around a card table and play poker. At the end of the play, each contestant adds up the amount on his/her cards- these amounts are the number of pigs’ feet they have to eat. Those who finish theirs advance. (haarrd)

Supplies to keep in mind:

    • Anything crawly (bugs, worms, etc)


    • Stinkbait, chicken livers, raw hamburger, sardines, anchovies, Vienna sausages, etc.


    • Mud, pudding


    • Blindfolds


    • Vary methods of elimination, i.e. timed, achievement, etc.


  • Have food and drinks, and towels for those who get soaked.

Added by Liz Harris

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