This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches.

Put the inside of an egg inside a large surgical tubing. Have two students on opposite ends blow into the tubing until the egg blows onto someone’s face.

Safety Note: Use an egg substitute (like Eggbeater’s) to avoid bacteria or chance of salmonella. Have moist washcloths and towels handy.

Variation: Jello Blow
Just like Egg Blow, but with Jell-O. Safer and not as nasty if you get a mouthful!

Added by Theresa

See also Egg Bop (Click Here).


Jonathan McKee

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  1. Lee
    June 24, 2011 at 12:00 am

    This is a blast to play. (If you work up the courage to play it, make sure to film it; it makes great footage for later!) The clean up can be a bit much, but the kids have a blast!

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