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Deal or No Deal


Ask for several volunteers to come up to the front to participate in a game called DEAL OR NO DEAL, but don’t tell them what it involves. Introduce each volunteer to the rest of the crowd and have them cheer for the contestants. You can allow as many people as you’d like to be involved, but to save time and space, you should probably keep it under ten or so.
Explain to the volunteers that they can stop at any time during the game, but they will lose out on some cool (valuable prizes…$$$). Explain that there will be three rounds, and anyone who passes the first two can go on to the third round, which will determine who the winner is.

Round 1: In the first round, have everyone hold out both arms and stand on one foot for five minutes. Ask them beforehand… DEAL OR NO DEAL? If they succeed they go on to the next round. If they fail they are out!

Round 2: The second round is tougher. Explain it to them beforehand and ask again, “DEAL OR NO DEAL?” I had them eat mushed up spam with chocolate sauce. (Make up your own “meal”). The ones who complete go onto the final round, which is the toughest.

Round 3: Usually there are only 3 or 4 left at this point. [Have the following prepared ahead of time in a separate area of the room: a large tarp spread out with hand towels placed on top in a row (1 for each contestant). Bring out pre-frozen blocks of ice (you can make them yourself or buy them at the local grocery store) and place them under the towels (good size is 12x12x6). Have the remaining contestants remove their shoes and socks and stand barefoot on the iceblock (be sure the towels are always under their feet, so they don’t get frostbite or frozen to the ice. At this point, it is who can stay on the longest. Try to bribe them off with a lesser valuable prize. Of course, if they fall off, they lose. No pushing or touching among the contestants. I had three that stood on for more than 20 minutes! The winner lasted over 35 minutes. His feet and toes were almost frozen but ok! Award the winner(s) the cool prize(s)… (maybe a pass to a water park, amusement park or gift card to a music store).

Variation: Use your hands instead!

Added by Kevin Flores

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