Make a heart-shaped target and fasten it to a guy’s back (be sure to choose a “solid” couple who sets a good example of dating in your group; pick married sponsors, if nothing else). Give his girlfriend a bow and arrow (with suction cups on arrows) and she stands about 20 feet away and is given 6 arrows.

The idea is that she must hit the heart on her boyfriend’s back if she loves him. Every time she misses, the boy gets a pie in the face.

Note: Bow and arrow should be the toy store variety. You can use toy pistols with suction-cup darts, also.

Idea from Young Life

Variation: If you don’t have any really good examples of couples in your group (of you just plain want to get away from the romance part of it), you can just have a few pairs of students (one boy, one girl) compete in the same game. The pair who is punished with the fewest number of pies gets a really great prize.


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