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Choice Combos


Introduce this gross game by saying you want 3 volunteers to test a new product: explain that Starbucks gives you lots of alternative drinks and Jamba Juice uses those cool huge blenders (if your area doesn’t have a Jamba Juice, you can refer to it or a similar store). If you combine these two, it will be a franchise called “Choices”.

Before the meeting prepare 12 bags and set up a blender. Keep them covered with a sheet until it is time for the game. After the intro, uncover the bags and the blender.

1. Prepare a set of 4 bags for each kid, for a total of 12 bags in all.
2. On the outside of each bag, write a “choice”. Let the kid decide which he wants.
3. Make the first bag for each kid be a choice of liquids. For example, offer the first student either coffee or tea, the second student, grape juice or orange juice, and the third, chocolate milk or strawberry milk.
4. After they have selected their “base”, give them 3 more choices. Put it all in the blender and juice it up. Give it to them in a clear glass so the disgusting color is obvious.
5. No need to wash the blender between drinks, just pour out any extra. (Tell the kids the labor cost is really low for this product because you didn’t have to wash the blender after each customer.)
5. Have each kid hold their drink until all 3 have had their drinks. Then they chug them down. The first kid to drink the whole glass (or last one not puking in some cases), wins.

I used stuff I had around the house or church kitchen for the 3 other choices. The two items in each group should be related and, in and of themselves, not disgusting. I did at one point ask the kid if he wanted cat food or dog food, but I then said, “just joking” and gave another choice. Here are some ideas:
a) ketchup or mustard
b) maple syrup or blueberry syrup
c) Thousand Island or Caesar salad dressing
d) sour cream or cottage cheese
e) jello or pudding
f) hot sauce or A-1 sauce
g) brown sugar or powdered sugar

Added by Kristin Clark

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