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This game is kind of a reverse "Hide and Go Seek." Turn out all the lights. Have one person go hide. Everyone else is “it” and looks for this person. As soon as one person finds the person hiding, he or she hides with the person. Now there are two hiding.As soon as someone else finds them, that person...
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Usually played outdoors or in a big room, but could be played in a smaller facility with smaller groups.Imagine everyone in a circle holding hands, pulling and tugging, but not letting go . . . trying to get someone else to bump into the can-can. The result looks like an amoeba trying to force one part of it's body...
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Explain the game before you bring students out to the car. You could have a competition between sexes or classes. Each team has thirty seconds to get as many as possible into (not on) a small car.Also, see Car Restoration – ‘Restore My Ride’ on the Events page.
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Outdoor & Big room. Do I need to explain this game? It's basic baseball with a wiffle ball and bat! You might ask me why I put it on the list even. I'll tell you: Come in real close so I can whisper it in your ear . . . BECAUSE IT'S FUN!!!Also see Rio Linda Wiffle Ball, Shaving...
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Supplies: A soft ball for kicking and something to mark the boundaries with...masking tape (for inside) and spray paint (for outside).Play just like the table game only with real people linked in rows. Split the kids into two teams, have a captain decide who goes in which rows and how many in each row. Each entire team faces one...
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