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Catch Me If You Can!


This game needs 2 teams – min. 4 and max. about 7. You need a wide hall or space and a row of seats down the middle. The chairs must be evenly spread out and face two sides of the hall alternating direction (the first faces the right, the next faces left, and so on). The number of chairs used will be determined by the number of players you have. One team will sit on the chairs with one less chair than the number of team members. The other team will be on the side waiting.

The game starts with the team on the side sending someone onto the floor. The person on the sitting team (who doesn’t have a chair) has to try and catch that person. However, they are not allowed to cross the line of chairs. The person who is to be caught can go anywhere, so if they cross the line then the person that was chasing must then tap someone from their team who is facing the side of the hall the person who is running has fled too. If the person jumps back across the line of chairs then that person must tap someone facing the other way.

Once the person has been caught then the next person jumps in and continues until all have been caught.

Whichever team lasts the longest is the winner.

Added by Riverats Youth (Australia)


Jonathan McKee

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