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Up front and entertaining. Find four students who have strong stomachs–the type who claim they’ll do anything!

Place four blenders on a table on stage or up front. Have 20 different edible items placed in 4 different lunch bags. Number the lunch bags 1-4.

Interview each student, asking them their school, their birthday and their favorite food. Keep note of who is the oldest in the group. Then tell the oldest that they get to go first, then the next oldest, and so on until the youngest. Have them each pick the bag that they will blend.

Put whatever’s in the bag into the blender, Do this until all the bags have been picked. Make sure that one of the items in each bag is a liquid so that it will blend well. Once everything is blended, pour into a cup and have them all drink it down. Whoever finishes their cup first wins.

Great blending materials:
baby food
chocolate syrup
a can of Soda
frozen veggies

Be creative!

Added by Jackie

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Jonathan McKee

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  1. Kvisa
    November 17, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Blending games are always good.

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