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Toilet Bowl Rollercoaster


Get four volunteers or pick four people and have a sponsor take them back to a secluded room. Have that sponsor tell them that they will go up in front of the crowd, one at a time. Each one will sit in a chair. The object is for them to act out a given scenario WITHOUT leaving the chair:

    1. Pretend they are on a major roller coaster
    2. Pretend they are riding a bull
    3. Pretend they are being tortured
    4. Pretend they are getting their shoulders rubbed and they like it a lot

Whoever does the best job – wins.

Meanwhile, the leader is in the other room telling the audience that the four people coming out are going to act out what they do when they are on the toilet. Let them go for about a minute or so and then tell them what they were really doing!

Added by Dennis Humphrey

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Jonathan McKee

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