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The Toilet Bowl

Make flyers with pictures of toilets on it and have your kids pass them out to their friends to get them to this event for those of us who will always find potty humour funny! These games were a perfect lead into the nightÕs message, which I entitled, ÔPotty TalkÕ. We discussed the nature of our speech and how it affects others.

We purchased two inexpensive toilets at a local hardware store and centered all of our games for the evening around them. We divided the students into two teams at the beginning of the event and had them come up with team names (they were the 'loos' and 'clappers' respectively)

(Source note: We added toilet games already on our games page to this event Ð far more than one evening event should contain, but if this is for an all day or all night event – retreat, camp, lock-in, etc., youÕll have plenty to choose from!)


1. Toilet Brush Hockey
We purchased toilet brushes for each student. They were divided into two teams and played hockey on their knees. We used the toiled brushes as sticks, a toilet paper roll as a puck, and turned the toilets on their side to use as a goal.

Supplies needed: 2 toilets, enough brushes for each student, and 3-5 rolls of TP

2. Toilet Basketball Relay
We placed the toilets about 4 meters from our students. The students took turns grabbing squares of toilet paper (we told them 4 squares max), dunking them into a bucket of water, and shooting the toilet paper wads into the toilet bowl. The team with the most TP balls in the toilet wins!

Supplies needed: 2 buckets w/ water, and 10 (5 per team) rolls TP, large tarp if playing indoors

3. Bobbing for Turds
(This was the best!) We used white duct tape to seal the bottom of our toilets. We then filled the toilets with lemonade and placed about 15 small chocolate bars in each toilet (test them to make sure they float). The results look really disgusting!

We asked for a volunteer per team (two total) and covered their hair with a shower cap. They then raced to bob for the chocolate bars! The team who had the most after two minutes won! This was one of the funniest things I have ever seen and my students are still talking about it!

Supplies needed: White duct tape, shower caps, 4 Liters lemonade, 20 chocolate bar minis (I recommend Baby Ruth), and 2 bowls to spit the bars into

4. Toilet Bowl Rollercoaster
Get four volunteers or pick four people and have a sponsor take them back to a secluded room. Have that sponsor tell them that they will go up in front of the crowd, one at a time. Each one will sit in a chair. The object is for them to act out a given scenario WITHOUT leaving the chair:

  1. Pretend they are on a major roller coaster

  2. Pretend they are riding a bull

  3. Pretend they are being tortured

  4. Pretend they are getting their shoulders rubbed and they like it a lot

Whoever does the best job – wins.

Meanwhile, the leader is in the other room telling the audience that the four people coming out are going to act out what they do when they are on the toilet. Let them go for about a minute or so and then tell them what they were really doing!

5. Toilet Paper Blow
Pick a 4-person team from each class. See how long they can keep one square of toilet paper in the air by blowing it. Or you may have one person stand on a chair and drop the paper to a person standing on the floor who blows the paper up while the top person tries to catch it with a party blow out horn.

6. Toilet Paper Bowling
Get your toilet paper to roll over the feather that is sticking out of the ground 12 feet away. (If indoors, simply tape the feather so that it will stand up on a small piece of thin cardboard.)

The first player must toss the toilet paper while hanging on to the end. The toilet paper will roll and leave a long trail behind. If it hits the feather, then this player wins. If it doesnÕt hit the feather, then the player must stand where the toilet paper stopped rolling.

The next player will roll up the toilet paper and attempt to toss it as close as they can to the feather. If it hits the feather, then this player wins. If it doesnÕt hit the feather, then the player must stand where the toilet paper stopped rolling.

Your players keep taking turns until someone finally tosses the toilet paper close enough to hit the feather.

7. Toilet Paper Bride
Bring 3 willing girls up front. Once there, split the rest of your group into teams. Give each team four rolls of toilet paper. The object of this game is to dress up these volunteers in a full wedding gown including veil, train, bouquet, etc., all using toilet paper. Then have them model their new wedding gowns around up front and give points or awards to the teams with the best outfit. (Also a classic bridal shower game.)

Twist: For a funny twist, grab 3 of your biggest, toughest guys and do the same thing (use your own discretion on this one).

8. Toilet Paper Firing Squad
Involves A LOT of clean up. You need several packs of toilet paper, depending on the number of students you have.

Line all but two players against an outside wall with side boundaries clearly marked. The two “marksmen” pull off a wad of toilet paper and dip in a bucket of water, making it really soggy. Then they try to hit the other players who are allowed to move side to side from about 15-20 feet away. The last person to be hit and the runner-up are the two “marksmen” in the next round. If the game is taking too long, put a 1-3 minute time limit on each ” round, and pronounce the winner as the one who has the least amount of people left standing (and dry)!

9. Toilet Paper Gift Wrap
Provide a gift (gag, candy, or nice), toilet paper, tape, ribbons, and/or bows. Bring 3 people upfront or divide group into pairs. Instruct students that they are wrapping a gift.

Give each person/team a roll of toilet paper, tape, ribbons and/or a bow. On your signal, each person/team competes to see who can wrap the fastest. A team is done when all their paper is gone or wrapped, including the ribbon/bow. Award points or prizes for the first team done and the most “skillful” wrapping job.

10. Snowball Fight
For this game you need toilet paper and garbage bags. Now, split your group down the middle…half go to one side, half to the other. Have leaders hand out the “snowballs” (rolls of toilet paper).

The object of the game is to have the least toilet paper on your side at the end of the game.

Count down and let them fly. Give teams 30-60 seconds to play. Make a judgment call when you yell, “Time!”

Snowball Fight Part Two:
First team to have their side entirely cleaned up wins the second part of the game.

11. Toilet Paper Over Under
Age old “Over Under Relay.” Divide teams. On “go,” each team passes the toilet paper, over the first person's head, under the next person's legs, over the next . . . unraveling it as you go. If toilet paper breaks, the person must tie it together before continuing to unravel.

12. Toilet Seat Toss, aka Horseshoes with a Twist
Instead of using actual metal horse shoes and metal stakes, use two plungers as the stakes and two toilet seats as the shoes.

Stick the plungers on the ground 20 feet apart (a flat smooth surface is usually best like a gym floor) the handles will stick up in the air. Then toss the toilet seats and try to ring them around the plunger opposite your team. Have a few extra seats around in case they break (the padded ones I found are more durable). Second hand is fine as long as they are clean. I have used this at a western themed event. Play instrumental western music in the background.

Supplies needed: 2 plungers & 2 toilet seats – one set (2 plungers, 2 seats) for every 2 teams.

13. Mummy Wrap
Similar to Toilet Paper Bride, if you use this as an Audience game, throw out 3 rolls of toilet paper to different sections of the crowd and have them do it right there. As an Up-Front game, pick three groups of three people each. Give each a roll or two of toilet paper. Make sure you give each team the same amount.

Two people wrap up (like a mummy) the third person in the group. The object of the game is to: See who can wrap up their “mummy” first or who is most creative in their “mummifying”.

You may wish to add a few other objects into the game (Q-tips, t.p. rolls, etc.) to aid in the “artistic expression possibilities”. A youth worker named Nick suggests providing sunglasses and hats, etc. You could have the crowd or the staff vote. You need 3 or 6 rolls of toilet paper.

14. Plunger Head
In most hardware stores you can buy the pink plunger part separate from the stick. So get two plunger ends for every stick. Put one plunger end at each end of the stick. Tie a tennis ball by about 2 feet of string to the middle of the stick.

Put your group into equal teams. Have them run a relay to the end of a determined length in pairs. Each member has to put a plunger end on his forehead and together they have to wrap the tennis ball around the stick without using their hands (other than to hold the plunger to their heads). When they get it wound, they drop it, run back and tag the next group who then has to UNWIND it in the same fashion.

Not only does it teach teamwork and team cheering, everyone looks equally stupid in the process.

Added by Erin in Bonn, Germany


Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee is the author of over twenty books including the brand new The Guy's Guide to FOUR BATTLES Every Young Man Must Face; The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices; If I Had a Parenting Do Over; and the Amazon Best Seller - The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for youth workers on Jonathan, his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California.


  1. Chantelle Duncan
    January 9, 2014 at 12:00 am

    i think these games are absolutely histerical. love them!!!

  2. Pam Thompson
    January 19, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Awesome. We are doing this for our 2nd year, back by popular demand. Poop the Potato was the favorite. We didn’t do games with wet toilet paper. After the snowball fight, we got out the push brooms and had the kids race to clean up the fastest!

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