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Super Bowl Party Ideas


A group of youth-workers came up with this idea at my “Reaching the Unchurched” Training in Cincinnati. Their ministry has attracted a lot of skaters over the last few years. They don't see a lot of interest in the Superbowl, so they thought, “Why not do an Anti-Superbowl Party.”

They are bringing in all kinds of skateboard ramps and equipment for students to skate on all afternoon. Then they'll have some special activities like The TV Smash, where students will smash TV's with sledgehammers. (NOTE: If you opt to do this, you obviously will want to research all safety precautions necessary, safety goggles, jump suits, safety for you audience- use discernment)

They said that they'll actually have a TV there with the game on as well- because they'd hate to lose anyone who actually wanted to see the game. But, as you can see, the potential of ideas here is endless.


Nothing brings out students like food. And the cheaper the better. This might be the opportunity to do that burger bash or that pizza feed. All you can eat pizza for 3 bucks, prizes, the game on the big screen, etc. This is a great one to use our Superbowl Quiz that we provide every year (see below) and award prizes for the top 3 quizes.


Some of you might have noticed that the commercials can be pretty bad during the Superbowl (or anytime for that matter). Why not do a “Commercial Free” Superbowl Party.” Have a tech guy kill the game every commercial (while watching it on a small monitor, knowing when to turn it back on) and lead game or activities from our UP FRONT GAMES page during every break. This is another great one to use our Superbowl Quiz that we provide every year (see below) and award prizes for the top 3 quizes.

Superbowl Commercial Competition:

We had our small groups do a commercial competition. One to two weeks before the Super Bowl, they put together their own commercial and edit it. They have 3-4 minutes to broadcast a product, real or pretend (ie. the “shut up your youth pastor who talks too much” remote control, etc.).

On game day, during the first half, we tape the real S.B. commercials while displaying our small group commercials. Then we show the real S.B. commercials that are “edifying” in the second half. No one gets slimed by the junk (except the one deciding which ones make the cut) and we give prizes to the winning commercial group. Hope this idea helps – Carl, Texas, USA


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