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Spam Night

This theme includes games using spam, prizes using spam, and songs involving spam.


Bobbing For Spam
Small groups – all can play.
Large group – upfront game.

Fill up a large bucket with water, drop in a few large chunks of Spam. The rest is like “Bobbing for Apples” (just not with apples).

Spam Carving
Announce, “I need two artistic volunteers!” Give each a can of spam and have them make a creative carving. Have the group applaud to judge which one is the winner. (Since this game requires some time, get this one going while you play some of the other games listed here. Then come back to it.)

Spam Roulette
For this game you need a can of Spam, a spoon, and fun facts about Spam (Phone # to call on the can.)

Bring 3-6 volunteers upfront. Play fun music. When the music stops, the person must choose a person on his right or left. That person must answer a trivia question about Spam (check Internet). If they cannot answer, they must take a bite of Spam. (For small groups or upfront, you can also use a Twister ÒspinnerÓ with the colors representing individuals or teams.)

Spam Scarf
This gross game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. Get several volunteers up front who claim to be hungry. Give them each a can of Spam (ew!). Award a prize to the first person to finish the whole thing. (“Winning” music is a nice touch in the background when you announce the winner; think Olympics, etc.)

SPAM Volleyball
All you need for this one is a few cans of spam, a couple of old bed sheets, and a volleyball net.

Divide the youth into two teams and give each team an old bed sheet. The team members hold the edges of the sheet and use it as a ÒnetÓ to catch and return the “ball,” which is actually a block of Spam THAT HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT OF ITS CAN. I've played water balloon volleyball like this and it worked great with a can of SPAM, too. We played in the parking lot using the painted lines as boundaries.

For simplicity's sake, we alternated which team served, and awarded points if the other team didn't catch the Spam, didn't get it across the net, or tossed the Spam out of bounds. Play till one team reaches 15 points.

Spam Music
For this Event, make sure you visit and download the free mp3 songs and sound effects they have there on the site. Some of them are silly, some of them are stupid, but they all have a place at an event called Spam Night!

Use the Internet! You can get a marketing pack from spam if you go to their web site. It includes a spam-era (camera), t-shirts, stickers, and other miscellaneous goodies.


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