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Scavenger Trash Hunt

Here is a good way to clean up your church and have fun. Divide into teams or pairs. You can almost always find these items around the church's parking lots or even in empty lots or parks near the church. Set a time limit so teams can win without all of the items. Make sure you use gloves and safety precautions.

How to play: All items must be trash, but cannot come from a trash can. You will have ten minutes. Come back as soon as you have all items or when the whistle blows. You can go to either end of the church property or empty lots. Wear rubber gloves and DO NOT PICK UP ANY BROKEN GLASS, DEAD ANIMALS, DIAPERS, or ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE CONTAMINATED.

1. A piece of paper.
2. A bottle or can.
3. A weed.
4. A stick or dead branch.
5. Food wrapper.
6. Material or piece of clothing.
7. Cardboard, wood, or construction material (small).
8. Newspaper, magazine, or book.
9. A Rock, brick, or stone.
10. Plastic item, toy, or a plastic or paper bag.

Note: Be sure to have a huge trash recepticle, whether that be a trash bag or garbage can, for all of the trash collected.

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Jonathan McKee

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  1. F. McClure
    October 14, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Excited to have my leadership group (4th & 5th graders) participate in this activity as part of their team building skills day tomorrow! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas! Blessings to you!!!!!

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