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Saran Wrap Race


Supplies Needed:
As many boxes of 100 ft. plastic wrap as you plan teams for
Masking tape (for finishing line)
Stop-watch (optional)

Preparation: Beforehand, use tape to designate the start and finish lines. Pick 4-10 students (depending on the amount of space available) and put them in teams of two.

Assign one player from each team to wrap and one to be wrapped. When they hear “Go!” the wrapper opens the box (an added challenge) and starts wrapping their teammate from the neck down (not too tight), including arms, with the entire roll.

SAFETY NOTE: You can tell them to wrap them just up to their shoulders. Leaving their arms free is the safest way but some groups have wrapped arms too. These groups had extra staff assigned to watch and spot the wrapped students so they don’t fall. They could get hurt if they fall since they don’t have arms free to catch themselves.

Once they’ve been wrapped they must hop to the finish line. As soon as they get across the finish line their teammate runs from the starting line and unwraps them. The first person to unwrap their partner and throw away all the plastic wrap wins!

Notice how the clean-up is slyly integrated into the game…they don’t pay you for your good looks alone!

Twist #1: Instead of hopping, students must inch-worm their way across the finish line. (For this game you can wrap their arms to their body- just don’t let them fall- they don’t have their arms to stop their fall.)

Twist #2: When the wrapped one gets across the finish line, the other teammate wraps themselves up as they unwrap their teammate. After they are wrapped up they hop to the starting line, turn around and hop back to the finish line, and the game resumes as usual. Use this twist if you need to burn more time up.

Added by Michael Kirschner

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