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Real Life Clue

If you have a group that is smaller than 25 kids and want something with ÒkillerÓ fun, this event is for you!

What you need:
7 adults to play the 7 characters from the movie/game Clue (yes, there's a movie!). The 7 characters are Miss Scarlet, Col. Mustard, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock, Prof. Plum, Mrs. Whyte and Wadsworth the butler (since Wadsworth is just the host of the evening, it's probably best that you play him). It's really important that the characters are dressed for the part; it just makes it that much better!

How to set up:
Prior to the evening's start, you need to decide the Òwho,Ó Òwith what,Ó Òwhen,Ó Òwhere,Ó Òwhy,Ó and ÒhowÓ of the murder. Then have the adults arrive earlier than the kids and give each character one clue. For example, Miss Scarlet might know the “who” but nothing else, and Prof. Plum might know the “how,” but nothing else. Then set each adult in their own room in the church, preferably a room with a door.

Once the kids arrive:
Have the kids get into groups of about 3-4 and give each group a pen and a piece of paper that has WHO, WITH WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY and HOW on it. Then the groups get the chance to travel around the church and ask the characters “yes/no” questions until they have figured everything out.

Game Conclusion:
The first team to make it back to Wadworth and tell him all the correct answers, wins. If the group guesses wrong, then they are out of the competition.

Some extra thoughts:
We make a rule that each group can only ask 3 questions during one visit with a character, and also that only one group can be in the room at one time (so that no one can cheat hearing the answers to someone else's questions). We have also added a bonus of trying to find out what the getaway vehicle was – usually Wadsworth is the one who holds that information.

Enjoy and have fun!


Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee is the author of over twenty books including the brand new The Guy's Guide to FOUR BATTLES Every Young Man Must Face; The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices; If I Had a Parenting Do Over; and the Amazon Best Seller - The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for youth workers on Jonathan, his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California.


  1. Morgan
    April 21, 2014 at 12:00 am

    We played this with our youth group, and our characters full dressed up and it was a blast!

  2. Celica
    December 18, 2016 at 12:00 am

    Not that fun

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