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Olympics Spoof Games

Similar to Amateur Olympics, also on our Events page, only goofier. The ÒOlympicsÓ can be run for as long as you would like, preferably about four weeks. Have your group split up into four groups, and give each team a (fake) country to represent. Using Mardi Gras coins and ribbon, make gold, silver and bronze coins for each week. Each week have an individual event and group event. (Keep up with who won what coins over the course of the 4 weeks, in order to give the team with the most gold coins a large prize.)

Week 1- Sumo Wrestling and Synchronized Swimming
For the sumo wrestling, borrow sumo suits from your local Young Life, or make them yourself with inner tubes and a football helmet.
For synchronized swimming, allow the groups about ten minutes to come up with a dance. Then have two people hold a blue tarp (covering up to their wastes) while one of the teams dances for approx. 45 seconds behind the tarp to music of your choice. We used “Billy Jean” by MJ, and it was hilarious. (You need to have judges for this.)

Week 2- Floor Routine & Tug-of-War
For the floor routine, have the kid make up an impromptu gymnastics and dance routine to a song of your choice. (Have judges for this as well.)
Tug-of-War. Group 2 teams together on each side of the rope. Let them play over a blow-up baby pool of water.

Week 3- Jousting (see Jousting on Games page) & Dizzy Bat Relay.

Week 4- Food Olympics (Pigs Feet Relay, Marshmallow Shoot, and Watermelon Throw)

Pigs Feet Relay- Have each group stand in line. Have all the pigs feet laid out on a plastic tarp. On go, one person runs up, and picks up a pigs feet…using ONLY their mouth! Then they run back and tag their partner. Their partner runs and brings back another pigs feet and then tags the next player in line. Judge according to who brings back the most. (See Marshmallow Shoot & Watermelon Throw.)

Be creative, have fun, and be prepared early on.

Idea by Sara Petty


Jonathan McKee

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