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Get together with another youth group of similar size whom you don't know very well for this event. Take pictures of students from both youth groups beforehand and exchange them. Hand each student a picture of a student from the other youth group. Then, meet at a park, amusement park, mall or other public place and have students search for the person in their picture. Once they find their student have them autograph the back of their picture. The youth group with the most autographs (thus finding the most other students) wins.

Meet back at a previously agreed upon location at a previously agreed upon time, where one of your worship teams (or better, a combination of both groupsÕ worship teams) play some music. Have 2 students from each group share their personal testimonies.

This is a non-threatening way to include unchurched students in an event where it doesn't matter if they really know anyone well or at all. ItÕs on “their turf” and a lot of fun. Also hearing students – their own peers – share the Gospel is always a bonus.

Idea from Kyle Rolph, St. Thomas, ON, Canada

ÒOur kids have since struck up a relationship with other believers and were encouraged.Ó


Jonathan McKee

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