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Melon Fest

Watermelon Helmet Contest:

That's right, have each team carve a helmet (or helmets) out of watermelons. You can go for the gladiator look or for the Darth Vador look. Team members must wear helmets throughout the event.

Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest:

(Need I explain?)

Cantelope Bowling:

Create an ally in the parking lot and set up 2 liter bottles at the end. Leave the 2 liters full and give a bonus if you bust the 2 liters open.

Melon Armor:

Give each team a ball of string, a roll of duct tape, a knife, and about 5 of each kinds of melons. Have each team dress one of their team members in FULL MELON ARMOR. That's right- dress up this person in as much armor, made of melons, as humanly possible. (You might want to make the team member a guy!) Make sure to judge the winner. Also, take pictures of all the teams!

Watermelon Toss:

You guessed it- get your two strongest guys to do the age-old egg toss (line up facing each other, toss to team mate, back up a step, toss back, and so on . . .) but with a much heavier item! CAN'T hit the ground. Last pair still tossing wins!

Seedless Watermelon Eating Contest:

Bring 2 representatives from each team up front– an eater and a cutter. At “Go” the cutter starts cutting watermelon for the eater to eat. Eater scarfs down as many watermelons as possible in a given period of time.

Ultimate Cantaloupe:

This is just like Ultimate Frisbee . . . but with a cantaloupe! Divide into two teams, each trying to get to the opposite end zone. Instead of a kick-off, just have one team start on their end of the field. When a player catches the cantaloupe, they can take only 3 steps then they must throw/toss it. Teams work their way down the field, passing to each other until a team scores. If the team hits the ground it's the other teams ball (melon actually).

An added twist: if one team busts the cantaloupe, the other team automatically scores (have extra cantaloupes available) No knocking the melon down, like in ultimate frisbee- in Ultimate Cantaloupe, it always goes to the opposite team of the last person to touch it before it hits the ground. Defensive players must give any person already holding a cantaloupe at least 3 feet clearance.

Bobbing for Melons:

This game requires a pool or some other large body of water. You can play this many ways- one way is to fill a pool with all kinds of melons, even a few vegetables of choice (cucumbers, squash, etc.) Then give a team a certain amount of time to retrieve the melons, vegetables, etc.

Increase the degree of difficulty by doing this at night with no lights, or putting Vasoline all over the melons.

Steal the Melon:

That's right. Plain ol' “Steal the Bacon” with a greased watermelon in the center. (Line up two teams facing each other, number them off, call a number and that person has to grab the watermelon and get it back to their side).


Jonathan McKee

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  1. Jason
    April 24, 2015 at 12:00 am

    Steal the melon with a buttery melon.. soooooo much fun. Variation is to start calling out kids with certains colors on, birthdays in X month, etc. Our group loved this game

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