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Marshmallow Home Run Derby


Great game to break out at different times during baseball season (i.e. start of the season, playoffs, World Series, All-Star game, etc.).

Pick 3 or 4 contestants and have them stand in front of the room or on stage. One at a time, give them a plastic whiffle bat, (the chunky bats are better). Each swing is either an out or a home run. Give them 10 outs and set up a designated home run fence. For more fun, make it a human fence of students.

You’ve heard of the ‘Green Monster’ in Fenway Park? Well, this is the ‘Teen Monster’. Have one of your leaders be the official pitcher and have them under-hand toss marshmallows to each batter, (use the bigger marshmallows). The player with most home runs wins.

Added by Pastor Dan

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