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Mars Bar Dress Up


Gotta small group and wanna have a lot of laughs? This one is for you!

Get your students to sit in chairs in a circle. Hand a pair of dice to someone in the circle. They roll the dice and are hoping for one of the dies to be a 6. If neither of the two dies are a 6, the next person in the circle gathers them up and tries rolling for a 6. The dice continue around the circle in the same fashion until someone rolls a 6 on one or both of them.

At that point, he or she rushes to the middle of the circle where there is a plate sitting on a chair. Beside the plate is a pair of gloves, a hat, a scarf, and a pair of milk bottle glasses. On the plate is a PLASTIC knife, a PLASTIC fork, and a Mars Bar. The student must put on ALL of the articles of clothing BEFORE picking up the knife and fork to cut themselves a piece of the chocolate bar. As soon as they are wearing all of the silly clothes AND have themselves a piece cut away, they may eat it.

But, if while the first student was dressing himself OR cutting the chocolate bar, another student runs up because she rolled a 6, then he must give way to her and let her have all of the clothes and utensils. She then tries to hurry and dress herself, so she can cut a piece and eat it before someone else in the circle rolls a 6.

The dice NEVER stop being rolled! This must be a fast-paced game to be any fun. Here’s what makes this game so fun: hardly anybody gets a chance to eat anything because there is always a new person who has just rolled a 6!

NOTE: This is VERY important. Make sure to use a PLASTIC knife and fork! That way, if someone is running up and trips, there will not be an accident. Also, you may want to make sure to use a candy bar that is free of peanuts because of the potential for allergic reactions. Finally, if you have a large group (25 or more) make two circles. That way, students are not waiting so long to get a chance to roll the dice again.


Jonathan McKee

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