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Mangle Tangle


This is a really fun game that everyone can play, and possibly win, because athleticism counts for nothing in Mangle Tangle. Here’s how you do it.

You need about 8’ of rope for every 2 students you have. So if you have 20 kids, you need about 160’ of rope total, that’s cut in 8’ lengths.

When you get the rope cut into sections, spend a few minutes “tangling” it a bit. Not too much, but not too easy either.

Tell all of your students to gather around the pile of tangled mess, and grab one end of one piece of rope. Then have them tie it to their belt loop.

After everyone is tied to a rope end, explain that they now have a partner (the other person on the other end of the rope) but they don’t know who it is yet. When you say “go” they are to try and totally untangle themselves from the rest of the group. The first two-person team to totally untangle themselves wins.

These will help you make this great game EXACTLY what you need it to be.
1. Duh. You got to have an even number of players. Sub in adults if need be.
2. Use _” twisted nylon and polyester rope. It’s cheap, and it’s fairly soft.
3. You might want to simply buy everyone who is going to play, a carabineer. That way, they can just loop onto the kids’ belt loop much more easily. They are about 1 buck each at hardware stores.
4. If you want the game to last longer, use more tangle than mentioned above. Your call.
5. If your group is big (more than 30 kids) split up your tangle piles and use multiple piles. Otherwise, the mess will be way too big and nobody will have any fun.


Jonathan McKee

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