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Man Hunt

This is a great event to market your group and try to increase group size. This works best if your group has already been meeting for a few weeks and has built a little bit of momentum.

Advertise a Man Hunt, but don't tell anyone what it is. Have enough transportation available for twice the amount of students that you normally have (vans work best). Divide everyone into teams and give them instructions. Let them know that this is a contest to go get as many of their friends as possible, and bring them back to the meeting place by a set time (usually a little over an hour).

The list could look something like this:

  • Find a high school student . . .

  • who has red hair

  • who has a 4.0

  • who is on the football team

Teams go out in the transportation provided (half empty vans), get these people, and bring them back at the designated time. Have fun games and activities when everyone gets back, along with a small promotion of what your group is like, inviting everyone back. Give the winning team, guests and all, a prize.

Option: Seniors and freshmen team up to bring as many kids as they can from their classes. Juniors team with sophomores. Have an award or a trophy for winning classes.


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