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Luau Christmas Party

So, youÕre a youth worker serving in an environment where it never snows and you want to have a fun and ÒdifferentÓ Christmas party, unlike any others you have thrown. The Christmas Luau Party is just for you.

Advertize it for several weeks and have students wear their most exotic and colorful outfits.

The Room
Decorate the room as though you were having a Luau Party. You can use inflatable palm trees (or real ones!), plastic pink flamingos, flowers, surf boards spread around the room, tiki torches, and table decorations that include bobble head hula girls (or the like). Make sure EVERYONE is wearing a grass skirt or hula skirt. Hand them out at the door. These are really cheap from party stores. If you have a sound system, play LOTS of Hawaiian Christmas music, for example, Mele Kalikimaka by Jimmy Buffet.

The Food
No party is complete without food. You can serve tons of food that is cheap by going with finger foods. Fruit like pineapples, apples, coconuts, and the usual pigs-in-a-blanket are smash hits. For drinks, Hawaiian Punch, of course!

The Fun
Make sure to build some time into your party to play some games. You can click on our Games page and find loads of fun ideas, make up your own, or have some Hawaiian fun. Here are a few ideas.

Hula Dance Ð Play some upbeat, drum-centered music and have the students compete for top dancer.

Best Dressed Ð Have a contest where students can vie for the best dressed of the evening.

Karaoke Ð Step up to the mic and sing your favorite Christmas carol.

Random Giveaways Ð Tape a flower, or some other festive piece under a few chairs. When the time comes to do a few giveaways, say, ÒWe want to give away a few prizes, check under your seats to see if you have a flower taped there. If you do, youÕre a winner! Bring your flower up front!Ó

The Point
If you want to include a more serious moment in your party, you can have students share their testimonies about what Jesus has done for them. This can also be opened up to allow adult leaders to share their testimonies.
If this is done an outreach program (in other words, did you instruct your students to bring their friends?) you can share the gospel with the crowd.


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