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Balloon Pass Smash

Provide one balloon for each person in the group, several different coins with different values, different dates, different state quarters, etc.)

PREP: Blow up the balloons and put a coin in each one.

PLAY: The balloon is passed around while music plays, in Hot Potatoe fashion. When the music stops the person (or people for a large group using several balloons at once) who has a balloon has to pop it and take the coin. This keeps going till everyone has popped a balloon and has a coin. The last person pops one too. Then based on the types of coins, students are arranged into groups or seating order.

MIX IT UP: Change the way the balloon is passed every time. Ex. “Over your head!”, “Under your legs!”, Behind your back, around your waist!”

The Point For A Small Group: it's a good way to get people to sit differently than they would. By date works very simply.

The Point for Missions Emphasis: Use coins from different countries and have people pray for that country.

Give prizes out if people's birth year is the same as their coin. Use different size and shape balloons.

Added by Jason Schmock

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Jonathan McKee

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