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Fruit Loop Race


Tie a 10 foot (or however long) piece of string to a chair or some firm anchor point. Slide 10 Fruit Loops onto the string and tie the remaining loose end to another chair. Pull the string taut. Move all the Fruit Loops to one end. This will make one race course. Have teams of 2 or 5 and use as many courses as needed for the number of teams.

Each team member will alternate blowing one fruit loop from one end to the other. The next team member cannot start until the previous team member has his Fruit Loop to the other end. Beware, team members will become short of breath quickly (and possibly become lightheaded), especially if there are only two of them or if the strings are really long. The first team to get all the Fruit Loops to the other end wins. The losers have to eat the Fruit Loops which will have spit all over them. Hint: short bursts of air usually move the Fruit Loops better than continual blowing.

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Jonathan McKee

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