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Christmas Music Mixer


Here is a great mixer that also serves as a fun way to divide students into teams for more games later on during youth group. To prepare grab index cards and pens. You will want one index card for each student. You will need to write out what is shown below before the game begins.

As students walk in, hand them a PRE MADE card that has only ONE of the following on it:
1. Silent Night (“Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, All is bright…”)
2. Joy To The World (“Joy to the world, the Lord is come!”)
3. Santa Clause is Coming to Town! (“Oh you better watch out. You better not pout. You better not cry, I’m tellin you why. Santa Clause is coming to town.”)
4. Blue Christmas – Elvis style! (“I’ll have a blue Christmas without you. I’ll be so blue just thinking about you.”)

When it comes time to play the game, have students form a circle around the perimeter of the room. (In other words, spread them out as much as possible.) When you say go, students assemble themselves into ONE of the FOUR possible music groups by continually singing their lyrics printed on their card. For instance, if a student is in the music group “Silent Night,” he or she will keep singing “Silent Night, Holy Night, All is calm, All is bright…”) until he or she finds the rest of her teammates.

The object of the mixer is to be the first music group that fully assembles.

NOTE: You will want to make sure that you evenly distribute approximately the same number of cards for each music group. You don’t want 20 of one song and only 3 of another. Make it as even as possible.


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