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Christmas Light Project

Similar to Video Scavenger Hunt on our Events page, teams go out with a video camera to capture on video a list of Christmas Decorations. See description below for suggestions.

Sometimes we list the items with descriptive words so they have to figure out what is needed on the list. This works at night. Have students bring flashlights.

The unique part of the event is that the group must add a dramatic flair to the video, like a mini movie. Each group must create a documentary movie while getting the items on the list. The rule is that everyone on team must be captured on the video (in front of the item) to get “credit” for their team.

We ask everyone with camcorders to bring the necessary equipment so we can watch the videos when we get back. Have a chaperone judge it, giving extra points for creativity.

Suggested list:

  • house with all white lights

  • a baby doll in a manger

  • camels

  • three wise-men

  • Mr. and Mrs. Claus

  • Snowman

  • wooden nativity

  • luminaries (candles, lights)

  • group of live Christmas Carolers

  • Extra points if you get a homeowner in the video with said object, person dressed as Santa, etc.

  • Extra points for house with the most different colored lights
  • Idea by Tara Spradley


Jonathan McKee

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