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Main Point: God never intended for Christians to live their lives in isolation. He knows we are stronger when we are together.The Discussion Starter: Breaking ToothpicksNOTE: This illustration is a great one, but you have to get a few details right to pull it off and make your point! Essentially, you’re going to show your students how easy it...
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Main Point: If we want to see life and God clearly, we must live pure lives.Discussion Starter: Water Bottle PollutionYou’ll need a few ordinary props to pull off this discussion starter: two water bottles without the labels on them…and a few “dirty items” from outside such as a handful of dirt/sand, bird feathers, sticks/twigs, mushrooms, squirrel poop, etc.With your...
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Main Point:The universe didn’t happen by any sort of cosmic accident. It was the intentional design of a perfect God who wants to be known.The Discussion Starter:The only thing you need for this discussion starter is something that takes some time to put together and a plastic bin to put it in. For example, you might get a kid’s...
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Main Point: We cannot let the way a person dresses impact the way we care for them.Discussion Starter: Homeless ExperimentThis clip probably doesn’t qualify as “viral” though it’s been making the rounds on social media because of its inherent message about the care – or lack thereof – of homeless people. This simple video is actually an experiment performed...
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Main Point: When we ask God to forgive our sin, He does so through Jesus Christ. Then and only then is our sin overcome and destroyed.Discussion Starter: The Ocean of AcetoneAll you need to pull off this powerful illustration is an aluminum pie pan, a marker of some sort (like a Sharpie), a Styrofoam cup, and a bottle of...
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Main Point: God’s trustworthiness doesn’t end just because we are suffering. In fact, God draws even closer to us when we’re hurting, if we turn to Him.Discussion Starter:It was a normal game of kickball, by a normal group of kids, on a normal 4th of July. Even when the ball struck 9-year-old Jacob Holdaway in the head during the...
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