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Build a Word


Small group or travel game. The object is to spell a word of three or more letters. Each person adds a letter. The person who adds a letter that completes a whole word is out. Be very careful to notice any words. Often the second or third person will be out because they are thinking of a longer word than what they have actually added. For example, if the first person starts with an “A” and the second person is thinking of a long word like “Attribute,” they’d be out by adding a “T” since that actually makes a complete word. In fact, depending on how strict you are, the person who begins with “A” may be out. If you are not quite as strict as that, you may want to say that the first two people cannot be out, just to open up the option of having a word begin with an “A” or any other two letter word.

If possible, have a dictionary on hand.

Also, see Mad Sentence Dash (Click Here) and Sentence Game (Click Here).


Jonathan McKee

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