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Big Bootie


You can use any size group with this game. Sit in a circle and designate someone to be the “Bootie” (or “Bum” for our cool British friends). Number everyone off (they have to remember their number). In unison, everyone must clap their hands once then slap their legs. Do this during the whole game.

Now to the game. At the beginning, chant and clap, “Aahhh, big bootie, big bootie, big bootie, big bootie, ohhh yehhh, big bootie” (or, “Big Bum, big bum…”).

The designated “Bootie” says, “Bootie to the two!” No. 2 has to respond and say, “2 to the (any number)!” Make sure that you clap only once as you say “2 to the–!” Then slap your leg once as you say a number. Whoever claps or slaps their leg more than once as they call out a number is out! Like Zip Zap, the game may be confusing at first. But once the kids get it they can go really fast.

Added by Fire Team Youth FBC Langley, OK

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Jonathan McKee

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