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Baseball Team Quiz (MLB)


Like Football Team Quiz (Click Here). For a big group, break up into groups of 4 requiring at least one person on each team to be a little baseball savvy. Pass out one copy of the following list of clues of pro-teams to each team.

For a small group, provide one sheet per person. (Answers in parentheses; of course you’ll copy this list off without the answers.) The first team to bring their completed list to you wins (or as many as they can come up with). Give prizes to each team member (a candy bar, mug, etc.).

Name the Major League Baseball Team that is described by the word puzzle.

1. Kings and queens are these_________________(Royals)
2. They’re not cowards ________________(Braves)
3. Short for Metros _________________(Mets)
4. Crimson stockings__________________(Red Sox)
5. Physical activities __________________ (Athletics)
6. Satan’s sun beams __________________ (Devil Rays)
7. Nemo’s dad ____________________ (Marlins)
8. Red birds __________________ (Cardinals)
9. Crimson, burgundy, scarlet, etc. ____________ (Reds)
10. Cheese steak sandwiches ____________________ (Phillies)
11. Striped jungle cats _______________________ (Tigers)
12. David rocks their world __________________ (Giants)
13. Elite southern cops; Walker is one ________________ (Rangers)
14. Hard to hit _______________ (Dodgers)
15. Non-colored coverings for your feet __________________ (White Sox)
16. If you won State then you might go here ________________ (Nationals)
17. They make beer _______________ (Brewers)
18. Jack Sparrow and Captain Hook _______________ (Pirates)
19. A mountain chain _______________ (Rockies)
20. Baby bears _______________ (Cubs)
21. Men of the sea _______________ (Mariners)
22. The Jetson’s dog, NASA’s fave team ____________ (Astros)
23. Black and orange birds ______________ (Orioles)
24. Native Americans ___________________ (Indians)
25. Navy, royal or baby + 10th letter of alphabet ____________ (Blue Jays)
26. Spanish for fathers ________________ (Padres)
27. Heavenly beings _______________ (Angels)
28. The North in the Civil War _____________ (Yankees)
29. A girl’s best friend on your non-front, deadly snakes ____________ (Diamond Backs)
30. They look the same _________________ (Twins)

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