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Balance the Bucket


This is a fun activity that can also double as a team work exercise as well. Split your group into teams of 5 students each. Give each team an IDENTICAL bucket that is filled to the EXACT SAME LEVEL with water. (ALL half full, or ALL 75% full, etc.)

After the buckets have been filled, put them the EXACT SAME distance from a few tables (10 feet works well). Make sure the tables are the same height and that the tables are big enough to have a couple of teams working at them each. (If you have 8 teams, you will want to have 4-5 tables.)

Explain to the teams that their objective is to move the bucket of water to the table using THEIR FEET ONLY and then lift it on top of the table using THEIR FEET ONLY. At no point during the exercise are they allowed to use their hands.

Students make take off socks and shoes if they want to (recommended for better dexterity).

The first group to get the bucket on top of the table, without using their hands, wins!

If the team spills the bucket, the team must start over.
If ANY team member uses their hands, the team must start over.
No touching the buckets of other teams.

NOTE: Obviously, you are going to want to play this game on a floor surface that does not get you fired. Tile, linoleum, wood, concrete/cement, etc works well. Remember to clean up your mess, if any.


Jonathan McKee

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