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Want an Event that tastes great? This is it.

All you need to do is line up several of your church members or adult leaders, and have them prepare some food at their homes. You have the choice of knowing what it is, or letting it be a surprise to you, too! But even if you choose to know the meal plans, it needs to be a surprise to everybody else!

Have everyone meet at the church, pile into the church vans, and head off to the first home. The students must eat whatever is put in front of them. Then, the entire group loads up and goes to home number 2. When they arrive, they eat what is put before them there as well. Repeat this with as many homes as you have lined up.

The host homes do not have to have the dinners put together in order (first comes salad, then main course, then dessert). The first home could have desserts. The fourth home might have sodas, drinks, etc. It is totally up to them.
You might want to encourage the host homes to prepare a unique meal (maybe an ethnic food of some sort).

At the end of the night, have all of the students and earlier hosts meet at the final house for the end of the meal. During this time, have students share about what they thought of the mealsÉwhich ones they likedÉwhat their favorite one wasÉwhich one was the most unusualÉetc.

NOTE: As always, safety needs to be at the forefront of this event. Make sure you have responsible, adult drivers. Do not simply allow the students to drive themselves. Most driveways could not handle the number of vehicles that way. Secondly, make sure that students with food allergies are aware of any ingredient that may cause them harm. Have fun and Bon Appetit!

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