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Unique Ways To Do Announcements

Bandaged Hand Announcement
Great at camps or retreat meetings. Simply walk to the front of the group with a serious look on your face and make the following announcement. Be convincing.

“I'm sorry to put a damper on the meeting, but I have a very important announcement to make. A few moments ago, one of the girls in our group went home. One of the guys here… and I won't mention his name… did a very crude and insensitive thing to her. While she was sitting on the bench outside, minding her own business, he approached her and very rudely tried to kiss her. He was trying to be smart, I suppose, but the girl reacted negatively and was deeply offended. When the guy tried it a second time, she swung at him with a pencil she had in her hand and seriously gashed his hand with it. The guy had to have his hand bandaged, and the girl left and probably will never come back to one of our meetings again. Things like this are needless and are a sign of immaturity. We cannot tolerate this kind of child's play anymore. I don't think I need to say anymore about it…”

Usually you can hear a pin drop when you are finished making the announcement. All the while, you keep your bandaged hand in your pocket or behind your back. After the announcement, casually bring your hand around in plain view of everybody, all bandaged up with Òblood-stainsÓ all over it.

International Announcements
Just for fun. Get a high school person who speaks a foreign language to be the translator for the announcements.

Squirt-gun Announcements
Invite a kid up front. Give a leader a small squirt-gun. The kid then has 30-60 seconds to read the announcements from a piece of paper. The leaderÕs job is to squirt the kid whenever the kid pauses, says “um” or “uh”, etc. When the minute is up, it is the leaderÕs turn to read the same announcements. The kid gets a much bigger squirt-gun. (Either slip the announcements into a clear plastic document protector or make sure the announcements are printed with ink that can handle water).

Balloon Announcements
Put the announcements in balloons and then blow them up. Have different people pop their balloons and read the announcement.

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