Stupid Skits

The Makeup Counter


Actors Needed:
1 FEMALE makeup artist
3 passers-by (2 FEMALES and ONE really big and masculine guy)

For this skit, you will also need several kinds of makeup, a handheld mirror, a small table to put all the makeup on, and a chair to sit customers in.

The scene opens with the makeup girl coming on stage and setting up her booth in the mall store.

Makeup Girl: (Talking to herself) “OK, this is my first day on the job so I can’t let Macy’s down. Maybe if I do a really good job, they’ll actually put me BEHIND the counter!!!”

(Customer 1 walks in talking on cell phone)

Makeup Girl: “Hi ma’am. Would you like me to do your makeup for you?”

Customer 1: “No thanks. I’m OK.”

(Makeup girl throws Customer 1 into the chair and starts doing REALLY crazy makeup)

Makeup Girl: “Oh don’t worry; it’ll only take a second! You’ll look gorgeous! OK, all done!” (Makeup girl steps aside and hands the mirror to Customer 1. The makeup is terrible.)

Customer 1: (After looking at reflection screams) “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!? How can I go to the prom looking like this???”

Makeup Girl: “What?! You look a thousand times better than before! I know…I’m awesome…just don’t brag about me too much! OK, see you later.”

(Customer 1 storms off stage)

Makeup Girl: (Talking to herself again) “Oh, she’ll be back. That’s for sure.”

(Customer 2 walks on stage reading a book)

Makeup Girl: “Good afternoon. Why don’t you let me do your makeup today?”

Customer 2: “Umm…no thanks. I’m a bit busy.”

Makeup Girl: (Throws Customer 2 in the chair anyway, and starts doing her some crazy makeup.) “Hold still dear. I’ll be finished in a second. You’ll look like a star when I’m done! Viola!” (Makeup girl steps back and hands Customer 2 the mirror)

Customer 2: (After looking at her reflection screams) “I LOOK HIDEOUS!!! What did you do to me?!?”

Makeup Girl: “What are you talking about? I helped you achieve REAL beauty. You look fabulous darling, now off you go.”

(customer 2 storms off)

Makeup Girl: (Talking to herself again) “Her face was a masterpiece! A work of art!”

(Customer 3, the BOY, walks up.)

Makeup Girl: (Throwing the boy in the chair) “Hi there. Let me quickly do your makeup for you!”(She starts doing crazy makeup again.)

Customer 3 (Boy): (While the Makeup girl is doing the makeup, he says) “Hey wait a minute! I’m a guy! NOO!! Guys don’t wear makeup!

Makeup Girl: “Oh quit complaining. Johnny Depp wears makeup, why not you? FINISHED!!”(Makeup girl doesn’t step back yet!) “Oh my gosh! WHAT DID I DO!! I’ll be fired for sure. Here!” (She tosses the mirror to the guy and runs off stage crying.)

Customer 3: (Stands up, looks in the mirror and says) “Wow…I really do look pretty.” (He should play with his hair a little and start to sing Christina Aguilera’s “I Am Beautiful” lyrics into the mirror.)

The End.

(MAKE SURE that every time the Makeup girl does makeup she stands IN FRONT of the person so no one can see. Have the customers kick and scream while makeup is being done as it adds more comedy. NO ONE is supposed to come out looking pretty. The makeup should be all over their face. She should smear lipstick and eyeshadow without taking too much time, though. It needs to be a very fast process. The crazier the better!)


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