Stupid Skits

The Stand In


This is a gag-style skit and the “Stand In” is always the receiver of the gag. While there is no plot to these little scenes, the heart of the skit is the humor with which the “Stand In” gets nailed with the worst of the scenes. The final scene leaves the “Stand In” covered with pie.
You may choose to use this skit as an opener, helping you transition to a topic like “When nothing goes your way” or “When you feel like the Stand In.”

Set your stage to look like a movie set.


    1. Director (wearing a beret, scarf, dark glasses, etc.)


    1. Camera Man (with a “movie camera” of some kindÉ or something that looks like a camera.)


    1. Make-Up Man (with a sack of flour and a powder puff)


    1. Hero (handsome, dressed in white)


    1. Beautiful Girl


    1. Bartender (or soda jerk…)


  1. The Stand-In

Skit Description:
The skit begins with an apparent movie-making set-up. The Hero is sitting in a chair, next to the Beautiful Girl, getting ready to kiss her, and the camera man is moving around taking pictures, and the Director is directing the action. The Stand-In enters, apparently intrigued with the whole thing, as he has never seen a real movie set before. He walks in front of the “camera” and interrupts the action.

The Stand-In:

    • Wow, a real movie. I wish I could be in a movie.

Director: (in rage) CUT! CUT! You! Get out of here! You’ve just ruined a perfect take! Beat it! Scram!

The Stand-In: (walks off disappointed) Shucks. I sure wish I could be a movie star.

Director: (thinks a second) Hey! Wait a minute! You! (Points to The Stand-In.) Do you want to be in a movie? I think we can use you! (Director whispers something to the Hero and they both smile.)

The Stand-In: (overjoyed) Really! Wow! I’m a star! Oh boy! Where do I start? Where are my lines?…

Director: Just wait a minute and we’ll show you. The Make-Up Man will get you your outfit.

(Make-Up Man gets The Stand-In a shirt like the hero is wearing.

The action continues, and the Hero sits again by the Beautiful Girl, says a bunch of mushy things to her, and then starts to kiss her. When he does, the Beautiful Girl brings back her hand to slap the Hero’s face… )

Director: Cut! O.K., bring in the stand-in! (The Stand-In takes the place of the Hero in the chair) Make-up! (The Make-Up Man comes in and throws a bunch of flour in The Stand-In’s face.) Action!

(The Stand-In starts to kiss the Beautiful Girl and she slaps him across the face so hard that he falls over backwards in his chair.)

Director: Cut! Great! All right let’s have scene two…Action!

(The hero crawls along the floor, crying “Water, water, give me some water…” )

Director: Cut! Bring in The Stand-In! (He comes in and takes the Hero’s place) Make-up! (Make-Up Man throws more flour in his face.) Action! Roll-em!

(The Stand-In crawls along the ground and moans “water.” An off-stage helper brings in a big bucket of water and dumps it all over him.)

Director: Cut! Perfect! All right, let’s have scene three…Action!

(The Hero walks up to a bar and orders some milk. The Bartender gives him some milk and he drinks it. Then he orders some pie.)

Bartender: Do you really want some pie?

Hero: Yeah, give me some pie.

(The Bartender reaches for some pie…)

Director: Cut! Bring in the stand in! (The Stand-In enters looking pretty bewildered at the whole thing)… make up… (He gets more flour in the face)… action!

(The Stand-In stands at the bar, demands the pie, and the Bartender throws the pie (big cream pie) in his face.)

Director: Cut…Perfect… Tremendous! … Well, that’s it for today!

(Everybody leaves, leaving The Stand-In with a puzzled look on his face. He shrugs his shoulders and walks off stage. This exit has to be quick because the pie is really the finale. DonÕt leave the audience thinking there will be something more.)

Origianal Idea by Young Life


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