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Season 2, Episode 1—What Lies Ahead


the-walking-dead-season-2The Walking Dead Season Two opener wastes no time in amping up the excitement level as the survivors get trapped in traffic and face an onslaught of walkers. The episode is appropriately titled ‘What Lies Ahead’, because there doesn’t seem to be a definitive direction for the group after the CDC went up in smoke.

The drama between characters is rapidly headed towards a boiling point as well, and frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t happened sooner given the intense stress level they face each and every moment.

But Season Two introduced another element into the story that would be hard to ignore in dire times like these…


The episode begins its peek into the world of faith by showing zombies sitting in pews looking at the cross. Maybe something from their past at a deep level connected when seeing the crucifix? (although…why do we have a Catholic icon in a protestant church?). Then we explore some deeply rooted faith issues as Carol’s view of God’s reward and punishment are brought out.

But the most telling scene to me was Rick’s monologue where he reveals his deep desire for an epiphany:

(At the 55:46 mark)

Rick: I don’t know if you look at me with what, sadness? scorn? pity? love? Maybe it’s just indifference.

I guess you already know I’m not much of a believer. I guess I just chose to put my faith elsewhere. Family mostly. And friends. My job. Thing is, we … I could use a little something to help keep us going. Some kind of acknowledgement. Some indication I’m doing the right thing. You don’t know how hard that is to know.

Or maybe you do.

Hey, look, I don’t need all the answers. Just a little nudge. A sign. Any sign will do.


1. Why do you think the Zombies were sitting in the church looking at the cross?
2. What do you think someone means when they say, “I chose to put my faith in my family, friends and job…”?
3. Why do you think Rick asked for a sign indicating he was doing the right thing?
4. How can we know if we are doing the right thing?
5. Is it wrong to ask God for a sign or an epiphany? Why or why not?

Read the following passage from Scripture:

Then some of the Pharisees and teachers of the law said to him, “Teacher, we want to see a sign from you.”

 He answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a sign! But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.  For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of a huge fish, so the Son of Man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. (Matthew 12:38-40)

6. Why is Jesus so seemingly harsh on the people asking Him for a sign?
7. Do you think Jesus would call Rick ‘wicked’ for his request? Why or why not?
8. What huge ‘sign’ has Jesus already given to us that reveals His power and presence?
9. What is the balance between trusting God and asking for His confirmation in our lives?

Wrap up
At some point I think all of us have felt like Rick on one level or another. It’s hard to know what Jesus’ will for our lives is sometimes, especially when we are faced with tough decisions. A great thing to remember is that His death and resurrection are a ‘sign’ that we can trust Him even in the midst of confusion and difficult choices, because He has proven His authority over life and death, and his Word provides us guidance on how to do the right thing.


Jonathan McKee

Jonathan McKee is the author of over twenty books including the brand new The Guy's Guide to FOUR BATTLES Every Young Man Must Face; The Teen’s Guide to Social Media & Mobile Devices; If I Had a Parenting Do Over; and the Amazon Best Seller - The Guy's Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket. He speaks to parents and leaders worldwide, all while providing free resources for youth workers on Jonathan, his wife Lori, and their three kids live in California.


  1. christine
    May 22, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Why are zombies sitting in a pew inside a church? I think it’s merely to show that they were once parishoners who believed in God. The zombie plague did not discriminate between believers and non-believers. Anyone and everyone got infected. Asking for a sign is a very human thing to do. Repeatedly in the bible, Jesus reminds us that we have been given signs and we’ve been given prophets to listen to. We just have a hard time recognizing them. Perhaps we should pray for the wisdom to recognize God’s hand in our lives, to recognize the signs we’ve been given. Rick asks for any sign. But he misses the obvious: He almost died in an over-run hospital and escapes; he miraculously finds his family and they are well; his son almost dies yet miraculously pulls through against ridiculous odds at the hands of an improvising vet. Rick can’t see the signs because he doesn’t have faith in God yet.

    • Dmitriy
      October 20, 2014 at 8:45 pm

      I am sorry, Rick got the sign by all means! The sign came in a form of his little son shot just as he approached a deer and had one nice moment since the whole thing started. What a nice gesture from an all-loving god!

      • Melissa Wright
        August 23, 2019 at 8:13 am

        God is all powerful and loving. He gave us all free will and will not take it back from us! What happened to Rick doing good and his son still getting shot was NOT the work of God. It was yet once again the work of satin to take away and happiness or joy we may find. And all this is to get you to blame God! God was there through it all with them and got Carl to someone that could help him get through it all and in turn, give the whole group a safe place for a while and give Hershel and his family what they needed. If we get out of God’s way and let Him work and stop blaming Him for satin’s evil work, we could see God actually working and trust Him more and more clearly hear Him and what He wants us to do!

  2. Shelia H Freeman
    November 2, 2019 at 8:20 pm

    I think Gods sign was given to Rick. Carl being shot landed them on the farm that Sophia was on inside a barn.

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