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Poetry Corner

Here’s a way you can really help students get past the music to see the message they are allowing into their heads. We call it Poetry Corner, and all you need is about 15 minutes of prep time to pull it off.

Go to and browse through the Billboard Hot 100 for a song that catches your attention. If the song is in the Top 10, that’s even better, as most students will be more familiar with it. Print off the lyrics and jot down some notes and questions that pertain to the message of the song’s lyrics. (Be careful with what you select as your material; most songs have objectionable content.) Now you’re ready to go.

That night at youth, set the room up a bit differently. Pull the couches and chairs into one corner, tightly, and turn off all the lights. Have a few candles set around the room that provides some light. When everyone is in place, step forward and read the song’s lyrics in a poetic voice.

It’s absolutely amazing what happens to the kids’ faces. They’re eyes are opened to what the song is really about. When the lyrics aren’t clouded by the music, the kids genuinely “hear” the song’s message, perhaps for the first time.

After you’ve read the song, jump into the questions and comments you’ve previously prepared. Don’t forget to tie it into a passage of Scripture or two.

NOTE: You may want to check out our MUSIC VIDEO DISCUSSIONS page where we have several songs already done.

Idea by Lea W.


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