Stupid Skits

Peanut Butter Truck Driver

You will need a brave student volunteer, a tank shirt or sleeveless shirt for both the truck driver (youth leader) and student, large jar of peanut butter, and a loaf of bread. Call your two volunteers ahead of time and emphasize that they must be freshly showered!

The truck driver (youth leader) and student sit side by side in chairs with a small table between them. On the table is a loaf of bread and a large jar of peanut butter. Truck driver instructs student to follow exactly what the truck driver does so he can teach him to drive a truck. The Truck driver states to the student/ audience that while out on long hauls with a truck of produce you just can't stop a lot, that's why you always bring along peanut butter. Truck driver imitates that he is driving and student also. Truck driver states that after awhile the steering wheel will begin to rub his belly and truck driver reaches over and gets a hand full of peanut butter and wipes across his belly. Student does same to his. Truck driver then states that his hair needs washing and can't stop. Truck driver gets a hand full of peanut butter and wipes in his hair (still pretending the whole time as if driving) student follows suit by hand full of peanut butter in his hair. Truck driver states that the sun will get in his eyes…peanut butter wiped under each eye for the glare…student continues to follow lead. Truck driver says his teeth need brushing and dips finger in peanut butter and starts to brush teeth with this finger…student does same. Truck driver then states that he needs deodorant while out on the road …yep, peanut butter under the arm pits. Student follows. At last Truck driver states that you get hungry out on the road and he reaches over to get a slice of bread, raises his arm and swipes the bread through his arm pit, doubles the slice of bread and takes a big bite.

Usually by then students all across the room are doubled over in laughter or gagging. But then when the truck driver takes a bite he then makes a sandwich for the student with his other arm pit that has peanut butter on for deodorant and hands to the student. If you have a brave student and he takes a bite from that sandwich that was just made from the truck drivers arm pit…you will have memories made for a long time in your youth group!

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Jonathan McKee

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