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Peanut Butter Deodorant

Gross but funny skit!

Props: peanut butter, bread, jacket for the nervous guy which hides his pit stains at first.

3 characters: girl, guy, and another guy who has large pit stains on his shirt.

Nervous boy comes over (wearing a jacket over his pit-stained shirt) to girl's house to pick her up for a date.

Brother of girl answers door, small talk, and asks nervous guy to take off his jacket.

Nervous guy refuses, and eventually does, revealing amazingly huge pit stains on shirt.

The girl's brother asks him about it, the guy says he just gets too nervous sometimes, and he wishes there was something he could do about it.

The girl's brother says he used to have the same problem, before he found the best deodorant ever: peanut butter.

The brother demonstrates, by showing his peanut butter-covered pits.

The nervous guy is impressed, and liberally, and I mean liberally, applies it to his pits.

Just then, the girl enters, says something like “Hey Steve, are you ready to go?”

And then the nervous guy, who is now confident, says, “Why bother going out for dinner? Dinner's on me!”

Then the girl gets a couple of pieces of bread which are sitting somewhere close, and wipes them on his pits and eats them like a sandwich.

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